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From The Daily Bark

I am a dog and I'm waiting to meet
The Liver Lady and get a treat.
Her friend the white poodle says,
She bakes with love,
The Pit Bull says,
They come from above!
I am an Australian Shepherd,
And I say good day mate
To the smooth coat collie
that looks so great.
I would trade my best toy for one of those treats
Would that be within your tricks and your feats?
The White German Shepherd says,
they are made in my house,
I may sneak one for you if we are quiet as a mouse.
The Husky says
The word is out at all the big shows
The Liver Lady Treats are the best,
Everyone knows

~By Robert Loomis ~
My Dad, May he rest in peace

Friend for Life

Our four legged pets are faithful indeed
They are always with us in our hour of need.
They seem to know when we are happy or sad,
When they spill their water they are not being bad.
They will cuddle up close and lick our face
It makes us feel like we are floating in space.
So give them lots of love, and a treat or two,
No better friend in life will there be for you.

~By Robert Loomis~


We had a visitor the other day
When she got here, she was bound to stay
It was very cold as winter goes
She had icicles forming on her nose
She was skinny, she was hungry, and she looked so bad
To hear her cry, it was very sad
My wife brought her in and fed her all day
It sure looked to me that she was here to stay
Well, I guess it is time that you want to hear
about our mistreated kitty that has become so dear
With no front claws and a broken tail
She gets what she wants without fail
She has a hard time trying to chew
Some teeth are missing, quite a few
We have tried to find her rightful home
Someone kicked her out, to let her roam
The kitty God directed her here
Where she gets much love and good cheer
I call her "Little Girl" for want of a name
She responds to that all the same

~By Robert Loomis~

Little Girl

Little Girl is still missing Dad