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Who is "The Liver Lady" ?

Karen & Layla


My name is Karen Peterson, also known as "The Liver Lady"...

In 2004 I began baking fresh dog treats for my beloved White German Shepherd “Layla”.

She was the pickiest dog I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with. It began out of desperation while training an independent, singleton puppy. I needed to find something to up the ante for her. The original Beef Liver Brownie was the magic trick.

My friends and their dogs also enjoyed the liver brownies and they jokingly called me “The Liver Lady”.

From there I have made treats to cater to the health and individual needs of many dogs. All my treats have a story behind them. LOL!

Everything I bake is my own creation. I love trying new things, keeping in mind the importance of good consistency and having a high value treat.

All The Liver Lady treats are made by hand in small batches from fresh food. I use no preservatives and never freeze dry or dehydrate my treats. The soft treats should be kept frozen, and can be re-frozen.

You can find me on the weekends at local agility trials. My schedule is on the EVENTS tab.

I also have a Facebook page: The Liver Lady Dog Treats

Thank-You for visiting my web site!

Karen “The Liver Lady”

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